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Legal Recruitment Blog gets 5 stars

I just thought I would take a moment to give a mention to Jonathan Fagan of, but what made me put finger to key board was to give some encouragement for his Recruitment Blog. I have to admit I am not a regular reader as the content is aimed at the legal profession, but I wanted to give him a 5 star rating for a good use of a Recruitment Blog.

Blogging has I suppose two distinct directions either as a platform to talk about what interests you or to help promote your company. It still amazes me how so few recruitment companies have taken this up and I think I am almost getting boring even bringing it up again. Jonathan I believe adds huge value to his company and to his clients, whether they are job hunting or searching for a candidate. What his blog does is puts a personal face to his company and by doing so you can see he knows his market, who better to do business with, which says it all in my opinion.

To finish best of luck Jonathan with your challenge!

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