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12th Feb 2010
Edition no. 2

























The New Year is now well under way and I must say the general feeling is relatively positive, from the recruiters I have been speaking too.There is a general feeling that companies are once again starting to recruit and as a whole there seems to be some underling confidence and of course the question is how long will it continue?
So far I have had a favourable view to this news letter and I am of course open to any suggestions that you may have for future letters. Secondly and most importantly I now have two new gurus to join the team  Fiona McKay, who is a specialist in the legal aspects of recruitment and a Sarah Bennett an experienced trainer for many years and whom for a short time I can say I was under her wing ;)


Hopefully therefore over the coming months this news letter will not only comment on the latest news worthy recruitment items, but will now include content to help you succeed as recruiters.


Stephen Fowler
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Follow Fiona

Fiona McKayFiona is one of the UK's leading speakers and trainers on Employment Law and has regularly contributes to news, television and radio. In addition, Fiona is a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and is the MD of Seminars & Solutions
Fathers entitled to six months paternity-what do you do if your top biller suddenly announces he intends to take his entitlement?; Beware serial litigants claiming ageism out of court settlements against employers-is your wording potentially landing you in hot water?; Zero hours contract introduction was unfair dismissal-staff at a Humberside car plant successfully win their claim; and with Valentine's Day fast approaching, would a love contract stop the bitter fall out of workplace relationships turning sour?


Sarah's Training Tips

Sarah BennettSarah (FIRP) was training in house for a leading corporate recruitment company for a number of years and now runs her own training company xpanse They provide training and consultancy to new and established consultants and mentoring to senior management.


Tailor the training
Each person learns and works differently. Make sure the training and development your team receives suits them best. For some people this might involve traditional "Stand-up training" but people might respond better to one-to-one coaching, peer learning or interactive role-play style workshops. Find out what is best for your team before investing in something that might just go in one ear and out the other.

Vote for Best Business Startup of the Year

linkedinawardI am pleased to announce that Richard Alberg Chief Executive of Myworksearch Ltd after being nominated for the category of Best Business start-up of the Year in the European Business Awards for 2010, has been shortlisted as one of the top 10. So in the spirit of the X factor if you feel he is worthy of your vote then the voting starts here.


Arithon Now Incorporates Linkedin in Search results

arithon logoOver the last few months Arithon recruitment software has been advancing with a number of enhancements, taking advantage of the changes in the way we recruit. Not only can Arithon search Linkedin but candidates can be automatically added to your shortlist. We didn't stop there vacancies can be added to Twitter, we have a radius search, and on top of all this you can search CV´s on selected job boards directly from Arithon. All this for just £50 per month per user.

In the Newsrecruitment views

Bloggers Cornersirona_says

With the recent incentive from the government to recruit more apprentices, BAE have taken advantage of the cash incentive by recruiting 200
The Manufacturer
Good news for Manchester with a 1300 jobs being created at Trafford park for the 2011 census, with the recruitment drive to start in the summer for the the official census date for March 2011 England NW


To start off from the master blogger himself Andy of Sirona Says has produced a must have eBook on the top 50 tips for Job Seekers and is free to download here.
Also you can also read Andy's insightful look at the new roles created as a result of the frenzy in the social media market place here
The government is encouraging companies to recruit British workers into the hospitality industry with a thousand pounds towards the recruitment fee. Big Hospitality
Adrem hit by recession that specialize in the recruitment of architects, go into administration due to firms not paying fee. Recruiters beware I feel BD Online
Matt Adler brings our attention to Google profiles, as an indication of where social recruiting will probably go next
Louise of UK Recruiter reminds us all of the networking event on the 11th March in London
Just in case you didn't know engage with your employee's create a positive atmosphere, then you may just beat the competition Ashdown Group surpass 3 million unique visitors in January a 28% rise on this time last year, could it be the recession!
No Potato famine in Ireland at the moment with this creative company's expansion plans Prosperity
Onboarding, apparently "how to get the best out of new employees" explained via Freshminds Talent
After the exodus of South Africa is it time to go homeSouth Africa Good News
The IT sector is picking up but seems as though these jobs are now being outsourced out of the UK Computer Weekly
Seem as though with the current cold snap the NW Ambulance service don't care too much with their team not able to wear socks, yes you heard that right !! The Guru

Yahoo Sells HotJobs To Monster Worldwide For $225 Million Yahoo Finance
Recruitment consultant helps raise 42k with track across Norway The Advertiser

A Lighter Side by the Guru

Tesco's are looking to take over from where the banks left off, with the recruitment of 800 for their personal finance section as they look to take completely over our high streets The Daily Record
The British Military need more chaplains a sign of the demand on our British forces serving abroad The Guardian


Aussie Banker keeps job after caught viewing erotic pics on TV interview

Workers spend 10 years' of their lives checking emails

Sun Microsystems chief exec announces resignation on Twitter

How would a company boss deal with John Terry?

BA removes 'graffiti wall' after bullying claims

Advert for 'reliable workers' banned as discrimination by Jobcentre Plus

McDonald's 'wrong' to fire worker over cheese slice

Prison warder sued after inmate's pet parrot dies

Nurse pulled out of operation to be told she was sacked

South Korean government turns off lights to encourage staff to make babies

China launches dating site for 'single and bitter' government workers

Asda 'chicken lickin' shelf stacker jailed

Busty barmaid sues German brewer for using her pic on advertising

Delivery driver wins tribunal case after being told he 'stank of BO'



CV redundant in online application Recruitment system OTYS first to develop a CV link with LinkedIn OTYS
Allthetopbannas to launch first public beta testing of unique advanced features at recruitment unconference i-newswire
Adecco connects its UK branches with Magic Software's uniPaaS Recruitment Views
Employees who have suffered discrimination are entitled to receive 'stigma damages' because they will undoubtedly struggle to find new work, the Court of Appeal has ruled.Personnel Today
Recruitment company get taken for a ride with debts of £290,000 by a "ruthless Conmen"The Recruiter
James Caan is in the news again with his recent acquisition or DRC Group Trade Finance