How could payroll jobs help in Grand Theft Auto V?

Grand Theft Auto V arrived this week, more than five years after the previous instalment of the game hit the shelves. The excitement surrounding the game was such that records were broken on the opening day, with the Rockstar Games title not only making more than any other video game in history, but also more than any Hollywood movie ever made.

Trevor, Franklin and Michael are the stars of the show, with players free to switch between the trio as they please. However, seasoned payroll workers would be shocked at the way the characters within GTA V control their finances, leading to the question – how could payroll jobs help within Grand Theft Auto V?


None of the characters within the game appear to have a bank account, with large amounts of cash often being stuffed underneath mattresses in their large mansions. While this may be impressive to visitors, this money cannot collect interest and is at risk of being damaged or stolen.

By employing an accountant, the leading characters would be rewarded with peace of mind that their cash is being handled in an appropriate manner, and that they wouldn’t suffer any nasty surprises should the taxman investigate just exactly where they got the money for their new sports car, designer suit and AK47.

International Payroll

Gangs from several different countries populate the streets of Los Santos, including mobsters from Mexico, Italy and Japan. Instead of these hoodlums having to conform to American tax regulations, by hiring an international payroll manager, these workers could benefit from the bonuses which come from ex-pat payroll.

This includes workers being paid across multiple bank accounts in different countries, as well as only paying tax at the rate of their home country. An international payroll manager should certainly be the next addition to the migrant gangs within GTA, they may even be able to assist with translation!

Temporary Payroll Assistant

Throughout the game, the troublemaking trio regularly plan raids on jewellery stores and banks. However, the way the money is handled following these operations often leaves a lot to be desired, being transported in large sacks by motorcycle riders or on the backseat of getaway vehicles. Little or no consideration is made to tax obligations, and staff are not provided with payslips when receiving their cut.

By bringing in a temporary payroll assistant around the time of these robberies, these important considerations could be taken care of as quickly and professionally as possible. The next time you’re hiring a gunman, getaway driver and hacker for a GTA mission, make sure that you also have a payroll professional as part of your crew.

What do you think? Have you been cruising around the streets of Los Santos and thought that you could really use someone to file your tax returns?  How else could a payroll worker help out Trevor, Franklin and Michael as they tour the city? Would you play Grand Theft Auto: Payroll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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