Recruiting your Next Salon Team Member

The recruitment process can be an extremely draining process for everyone. There are many processes to follow and a shortage of staff can take its toll on all of the employees. Brighten up your business by making sure that you hire the right person as quickly as possible.

Social Media

Don’t be afraid to use Social Media to your advantage, particularly when people involved in this sector are frequently using it! Advertising a vacant position on your Facebook or Twitter profile is an easy and free way to attract applicants. Most people who reach out to you through this medium should be aware of your brand and your ethos already, which is a great starting point.


If you’re willing to take on graduates, talk to colleges in your area that run beauty/hairdressing courses. You can find a lot of raw talent from here and you’ll have a large pool of students look for a job. There are many colleges and universities who focus on this, including: (a quick Google search will help)

Go Old Fashioned

The older methods of recruitment still work. For example, hang up a job vacancy poster in your window and post an advert in the local newspaper. Get in touch with trade magazines and websites; they are likely to accept your job advert as it helps their readers. Other salon sites, such as UK based salon supplier Salons Direct, have some great insights into the recruitment process and have a huge community at their disposal.

We have heard that in the not too distant future, they will be inserting a jobs board onto their site, helping people in the industry who are both looking for a job and requesting candidates to fill positions. Stay tuned for this!

Recruitment Agencies

The obvious place to recruit new members of staff…a recruitment agency. Many unemployed salon stylists will go through this avenue.

Whittle Down Applicants

You should have a stack of CVs on your desk now. Go ahead and separate the wheat from the chaff. You’re looking for superb communication skills, personal pride, and confidence. Interview your revised pile and analyse their motivation. Make judgements on whether or not you think they will fit in at your salon. It’s important that they assimilate your brand and values, as well as get on with the other employees.

Test Them

So they may look good on paper, but it’s important to make sure that your chosen stylist can perform all of your cuts and treatments to a high standard. Otherwise you don’t want to let them near your customers!

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