The state of recruitment in Nigeria

As with many other countries there are several options available for those who are looking for work in Nigeria. The country has a developing economy, which means that there are opportunities for those individuals who have the right skills and enthusiasm. There are specialist recruitment agencies for those who are looking for work in a niche market. 

Developing young people

There are a number of organisations whose aim is to help the young people of Nigeria to progress. Those who are from poorer backgrounds have traditionally found it difficult to move away from poverty, but through education and other improvement programmes, more and more young people are able to find work and now help to support themselves and their families. The African Leadership Academy is just one of these organisations. It has identified that there is a need in the country for strong leaders who can be creative and change the country for the better. 

In addition the African Leadership Network is actively promoting and encouraging entrepreneurs in Nigeria and has begun the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship, where the judges will include Tunde Folawiyo, MD of Yinka Folawiyo Group, among others. 

Why look abroad?

The opportunity to go and work abroad is something that many people want and there are a number of reasons for this. It could be that the work opportunity would be a good personal development opportunity too. The chance to experience another culture is one that should not be missed and those who are working in a specialist field may find that there are more promotion opportunities or better earning potential in countries such as Nigeria.

Opportunities in Nigeria

It was recently revealed that the Nigerian economy is considered the largest in Africa. This is due to an increase in GDP. For a number of years there were several industries not taken into consideration for the GDP such as IT, telecommunications and airlines, but these are now included. This revision is known as ‘rebasing’ and it is done to give a clear image of the current standing of the economy. Many countries carry out rebasing as a matter of course every few years but Nigeria had not updated its GDP base for almost 25 years. 

The changes reflect big changes in a number of industries. In 1990, Nigeria had only one telecom operator. Now there are several and tens of millions of people use mobile phones and internet services regularly. In addition, in 1990 the country only had one airline but this has also grown and there are several in operation today. This ongoing development of each industry means that there have been an increasing number of job opportunities as they grow. 

This development of all industries in Nigeria will have a strong impact on the economy and more and more foreign companies are choosing to invest and expand on the African continent. As this trend continues the job opportunities will continue to appear and those who have the right skills and experience will be in demand.

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