Office Angles Recruitment consultancy

Office Angels are a recruitment agency which specialise in secretarial and office jobs.  They consider themselves to provide a higher level of service to their clients and candidates which exceeds that of the typical recruitment agency.

Office Angels’ approach to recruiting is through the OA Factor.  This can be divided into the following sections: fun, accountability, care, trust, originality and real passion.

The fun section means that clients and candidates feel special, have their achievements highlighted, are always welcomed back and build and maintain relationships both internally and externally.

Accountability refers to the idea that Office Angels take ownership and ensure that promises are kept, all goals are SMART and recorded to benchmark against.

Office Angels show care by listening to ideas and thoughts, keeping clients and candidates updated and giving the best advice they can for the situation.  Another important quality is trust which is focused through clear goals and giving feedback throughout the process.

Originality is demonstrated through innovation and being consistent in their approach but by showing real passion, they can ensure that the client or candidate is happy with the direction that they’re heading in.

Office Angels now have 80 branches across the UK, have over 450 employees and place about 5000 candidates a year.

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