Minimum earnings for immigrants may harm nurse recruitment

Legislation set for April 2016, forcing non-EU immigrant workers earning under £35,000 after six years of UK residency to leave the country, could potentially affect the recruitment of nurses says medical recruitment firm Inivo Healthcare Talent.

The Home Office said this legislation would reduce the demand for migrant labour; however, it has been widely criticised for ‘playing politics’.

More than 400,000 nurses currently work in England’s NHS alone, but estimates from the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) show the UK is short of 20,000 nurses, with 75% of NHS trusts missing targets for nurse staffing.

Theresa May said the law was designed to combat those working ‘low paid and low skilled jobs’, but the average Registered Nurse in the UK earns £23,000* per year – a figure that would see them included under the migration cap.

Steve O’Brien from Inivo Healthcare Talent said: “This new legislation is a political, not practical problem. It has the potential to damage the NHS, and is insulting to any existing nurses – carrying the implication that those on entry-level salaries are not fit to live in the UK.

‘’The NHS was founded in the late 40’s, and only saw such huge success due to foreign nurses from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. NHS Trusts and other essential healthcare providers routinely search aboard to plug skill shortages and find excellent nursing candidates. To say that these nurses are now a problem does them a huge disservice. Implementing this immigration cap may make the recruitment problem significantly worse.

‘’Immigrants are vital for the wider economy and public services, and balance is still required. The UK has thrived on values of fairness, diversity and quality, and they are values we need to return to.’’

Inivo Healthcare Talent is a leading provider of healthcare solutions throughout the UK, specialising in the recruitment of nurses and health care workers.

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*Source – Payscale June 2015

The Job Show™ London East has arrived with over 450 jobs and Apprenticeship Opportunities!

job-show-logoSponsored by Galliard Homes

The fastest growing face-to-face recruitment and careers event launches in East London next week (8th June) sponsored by Galliard Homes with over 350 jobs on offer!.

The event will take place on Thursday 18th June 2015 at West Ham Football Club between 10.30pm and 4pm. This free-to-enter event will showcase dozens of companies recruiting over 350 jobs in a range of sectors.

Victoria Clarke, Director of The Job Show™ went on to say; “We are delighted to launch in East London a big thank you to our Sponsor Galliard Homes and all our recruiters for taking part. The Job Show™ London East will showcase some of the top recruiters in the London region, with over 350 jobs on offer and apprenticeships this show is ideal for those already employed, looking to improve their career prospects, train for a new career, young people seeking Apprenticeships or for those who simply want get back into work’’.
The Job Show™ London East will be the latest in a long line of successful events around the country that gather together the region’s best employers, training providers, universities, colleges, and organisations.

The Job Show™ aims to offer job seekers the perfect platform to ‘unite talent with opportunity’ and come face-to-face with top employers seeking quality candidates. The idea behind The Job Show™ was sparked by the doom and gloom of a tough economic climate, when the founders recognised a need to revitalise traditional job seeking strategies, firmly believing that ‘people buy people’ and a face-to-face meeting is vital in this ‘digital age.

Some of the exhibitors include: Galliard Homes, The Provident Financial Group, Trust Ford, Thomas Sanderson, Barts Staff Health Bank, Gateway Housing Association, Steps, North Middlesex, Life Residential Lettings, University Hospital NHS Trust, The Army, Learn Direct, JB Training, Aspire to Learn as well as a CV Clinic, Workshop and varied Apprenticeships..

Jobs include:
Jobs include from various exhibitors: Site Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Engineers, Sales Agents, Customer Service, Contact Centre, Franchise Opportunities, Nurses, Midwives, Health Care Assistants, Warehouse, Drivers, After Sales Specialists, Service Advisors, Parts & Vehicle Sales, Care Home Assistants, Cooks, Team Leaders as well as a CV Clinic, Workshop and over 100 apprenticeships in Carpentry, Bricklaying, Plumbing, Business Admin, Customer Service and Childcare … plus much, much more

The Job Show™ will take place at West Ham Football Club, on Thursday 18th June 2015 from 10.30am – 4pm. Admission is free.

For further information, please visit the website where you can register to attend. Alternatively, if you represent a company and want to book a stand at our upcoming shows please contact Victoria on 01733 555163 or e-mail

The Most Sought After Role in Britain? An Admin Job in Leeds

CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, has revealed how admin jobs in Leeds faced more competition than any other job in any other region last month, receiving an average of 71 applicants per position.

This figure was significantly greater than that seen on a national scale of 57.3, with those applying for admin roles in Leeds having to fend off at least 13 extra candidates than in other parts of the UK.

In addition, the online recruitment site reviewed its nationwide job applications across each sector in May 2015, which revealed the following as the most competitive job sectors in the UK:

  1. Administration – 57.3 applicants per job
  2. Customer Services – 37 applicants per job
  3. Distribution – 36.2 applicants per job
  4. Manufacturing  – 31.3 applicants per job
  5. Retail – 27.4 applicants per job
  6. Hospitality – 25.9 applicants per job
  7. Public Sector – 22.9 applicants per job

These figures are considerably higher than last month’s average nationwide number, which CV-Library announced as 15.9 applicants per job across all industries.

Despite this though, overall job competition has actually declined in the last year, with applicant numbers reducing from 18.3 per job posting in May 2014, to 15.9 in May 2015; a reduction of 15.4% year-on-year.

CV-Library’s data correlates with recent reports of a job surge post-election, showing an overall increase of 29.8% of job roles posted in the UK in May 2015. However, although the number of job hunters also increased year-on-year by 11.6%, the number of actual job applications increased by a lesser amount of 9.6%, signifying that businesses need to be even savvier when attracting new talent.

Lee Biggins, founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, explained: “Reduced competition is obviously great news for candidates. However, the figures imply that job hunters are being much more selective when applying for their next role. With job numbers on the rise, it is more important than ever for UK recruiters to attract top professionals to their books and to go the extra mile to understand their needs.”

CV-Library contains more CVs than any other job board, with 8.8 million candidates on its database.

Research reveals UK recruiters are in the dark about compliance

Compliance-Survey-Infograph_FINAL2A quarter of UK recruitment agencies are unsure whether recent HMRC legislation will affect their business and many aren’t recording important documentation for health and safety acceptance, DBS checks and Professional Indemnity insurance certificates.

That’s the view from recruitment software specialist Mercury xRM, which polled a select number of recruitment agencies to determine how well compliance issues are understood by both permanent and temporary recruitment agencies. The empirical research found that while 67% of agencies are having to adapt their processes to cater for legislative changes from HMRC, eight per cent do not expect to be affected and 25% have no idea whether or not the changes will affect their existing recruitment processes.

The survey also found that while agencies questioned find it easy to report basic details of candidates such as their name, address, and identification details, 40% do not know how to report unique taxpayer details, and do not currently record documentation for health and safety acceptance or DBS checks. A further 30% do not record documentation for anti-bribery and Professional Indemnity insurance certificates.

Employment intermediaries (including temporary recruiters) are now legally required to record and submit information regarding their contractors on a quarterly basis to HM Revenue & Customs as of 6th April 2015. Information required includes details of the worker including address, postcode and national insurance number, assignment start and end dates, amount paid and contact details of the intermediary themselves. Agencies that do not comply face heavy fines.

While the survey found that recruiters are experiencing difficulties understanding all the compliance procedures they must adhere to, the role of recruitment software is playing an important role in helping to ensure compliance. Sixty-four per cent of people questioned said that their recruitment software can handle changes in compliance and legislation, compared with 36% who said it doesn’t, or they are unsure. The same number of agencies said that their existing software also supports non-standard client commercial requirements, and 100% have processes in place to at least ensure contractors are compliant at the start of an engagement.

In response to the statistics, Mercury xRM, which is now an approved supplier to all ARC (Association of Recruitment Consultants) members, has launched its very own recruitment compliance self-assessment guide via its website. The useful tool presents agencies with a series of scenarios that can help determine how well they are staying on top of changes in compliance, and assist them in a spring clean of their processes.

Marketing Manager at Mercury xRM, Mark Britton commented: “While it is encouraging to see that all the agencies we spoke to are making a conscious effort to remain compliant at the start of an engagement, it’s worrying to see that many are struggling to remain compliant when new changes are introduced. 

“We make a conscious effort at Mercury xRM to ensure that our recruitment technology supports all changes in compliance and legislation to help our customers remain within the law. As technology that is developed by recruiters for recruiters, we understand the issues affecting the industry and work hard to ensure that our software supports best practice in all areas of recruitment. We also work closely with bodies such as the REC and the ARC, who do a great job working with agencies to enforce compliance.”

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