DiversityJobs.co.uk launches direct resourcing service

diversity-jobs-logoDiversityJobs.co.uk the UK’s leading diversity and inclusion recruitment specialist is launching a new direct resourcing function as a result of feedback from its members, many of whom have found it difficult to engage with recruitment suppliers that understand their diversity & inclusion agenda.

The new service has diversity and inclusion as its foundations, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and that DiversityJobs.co.uk members can be certain that their roles are reaching candidates from the widest talent pools.

Jonathan Graham joins DiversityJobs.co.uk following a period as an independent recruiter with his own company to head up the new resourcing service. 

Jonathan has previously worked as a management consulting recruiter and also spent five years as a trainer and learning and development manager for a global engineering consultancy. Jonathan commented:

“I am thrilled to be working with the team at DiversityJobs.co.uk to build the new direct resourcing function. Our members spend a lot of time and effort on their diversity & inclusion strategies, but their message rarely gets through to candidates via the recruitment supply chain.

We put this conversation at the front of the process so that our candidates are fully aware of the company culture and values. This results in higher levels of commitment and the right candidate and employer fit”

 Morgan Lobb, CEO and founder of DiversityJobs.co.uk said: 

“Jonathan is joining our team at an exciting time in the recruitment sector. More and more employers are realising that they need to invest in recruiting diverse talent and are looking for a specialist provider to help them find the ‘best-fit’ talent for their organisation.

“Resourcing teams are struggling to find talent providers that truly understand the diversity & inclusion agenda; this is in our DNA and is at the heart of our service delivery approach.”

British Powerhouses combine forces to address issues in PA profession

Claire Lister at Pitman Training
Claire Lister at Pitman Training

Two of the UK’s most well-known brands are combining forces to raise the profile of one of the world’s most misunderstood professions as Barclays partners with the UK’s leading PA & Secretarial training provider, Pitman Training, to create free, CPD accredited workshops in Northampton. The next event will be held in Northampton at Barclaycard 1234 Pavilion Drive on Tuesday 6th October, 1pm to 4pm with 25 places available.

The aim of the event is to emphasise what a career as a PA is really like in businesses today, challenge outdated perceptions which surround the profession and educate the next wave of aspiring PAs.
Michelle Robertson, PA to General Counsel for the Personal Banking Legal team at Barclays, and leader of this initiative said: “I believe that opportunity we have to help raise the profile of the PA profession should not be wasted – it is a real skill to do this work well and that should be recognised and acknowledged more widely. This initiative will really help to do this. Not only will this benefit PAs already working in Barclays to develop and evolve as mentors, I hope it will inspire students to join a fast paced, rewarding profession or to find out that there is more to this career choice than they might think.”
Claire Lister, Managing Director at Pitman Training Group commented: “We are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity alongside Barclays as our very practical, hands on approach means attendees can find out very quickly if a career as a PA is for them. We also find it’s really valuable to address preconceptions that can surround this career route as it is a career that is constantly evolving and it’s invaluable for anyone considering it to have insider knowledge of the true remit of the role”.

This event is being held as part of this new initiative is ‘Business Networking for PAs’ through which aspiring PAs will be provided the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the PA industry and get to grips with one of the most fundamental and valued skills of any successful PA; networking. The event will be held in Northampton at Barclaycard 1234 Pavilion Drive on Tuesday 6th October, 1pm to 4pm with 25 places available. Attendees will be able to network with the PA’s to some of Barclays executives and gain valuable insights into what it really takes to become a corporate PA. Following the session there’s an opportunity to take part in an e-learning course, courtesy of Pitman Training.

With just 25 places available, attendance is limited. Anyone who is based in Northampton, and is interested in the PA profession can apply to attend here: www.pa-secretarialcareers.com. The event will provide guests with the opportunity to gain a CPD accredited certificate, which is fantastic recognition for anyone wishing to enter the PA profession. Delegates will also receive a free copy of ‘Executive Secretary Magazine’ – one of the most notable industry publications for PA and admin professionals, along with a gift bag and information on career progression.

Success of the previous courses has since seen PAs at Barclays holding mentoring and work shadowing sessions with interested students, furthermore Barclays has recently opened up a process for Pitman students to apply for a short internship within the Barclays Legal team as an Administrative Assistant. This will not only be of huge benefit to an aspiring PA to be able to learn on the job, it also feeds into Barclays’ commitment to providing people with the right skills to gain Access to Work.

The initiative is also being supported by one of the UK’s largest job boards, keen to drive the PA & Secretarial sector forwards on the back demand from clients. Michael Gentle, Head of Consumer Marketing at Monster UK and Ireland said: “We have over 85,000 new jobs on our site each month and have seen a specific increase in the request for highly skilled, motivated and business driven PAs and administrative staff, who in the post-recession workplace, are now responsible for a much wider-ranging remit of business management projects. This initiative will highlight just one of the many skills required from top level Personal and Executive assistants, and those looking at taking their career further on the back of this event will be urged to visit our site for more advice on beginning this career path.”



This huge tax rise will have a deflationary impact on the economy at a time when the first ripples in the downturn in world trade are beginning to be felt across the UK economy  says GMB

When the new state pension is introduced in April 2016 the National Insurance contracted-out rebate of 1.4% for 6 million workers in 2,500 employer defined benefits pension schemes will cease.

The standard rate of 12% for National Insurance is applied to earnings between the Primary Threshold and the Upper Accruals Point ( £155 per week or £5,824 per year and £770 per week or £40,040 per year respectively in 2015-16). For contracted out employees the rate is 10.6% for 2015-16. From April 2016 the rate will be 12% for all workers.

For the estimated 6 million scheme members affected and the extra national insurance will be 1.4% of earnings between the lower and upper earnings limits (£5,824-£40,040) which works out as –

£15,000 £128
£25,000 £268
£35,000 £408

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary, said ” As part of the changes to the state pension, the government is ending the arrangement whereby good quality pension schemes could opt out of the additional state pension (SERPS) and the scheme members could pay lower national insurance contributions.

This extra tax on 6 million working people will come as a very nasty shock. With inflation and pay rises at historically low levels workers could well see their pay rise next year wiped out by extra national insurance.

The extra revenue to the Treasury amounts to £5.1billion per annum according the HM Treasury. This is huge tax rise and will have a deflationary impact on the economy at a time when the first ripples in the downturn in world trade are beginning to be felt across the UK economy.

Government is raising an additional £3.3 billion from the public service pay bill of £175 billion including central government, local government and education staff. GMB is calling on all employers including HM Government to take this into account when negotiating pay rises to minimise the deflationary impact of this stealth tax.”

Belgian butler school opens offices in London

school_for_butlersDue to the big demand for butlers, School for Butlers & Hospitality opens a second office in London. The Belgian butlers are very much in demand because they speak several languages and they show flexibility.

“London remains the home of traditions and butlers, so the demand for our butlers is rising” says Vincent Vermeulen, director of the butler school. “Clients like our butlers because they speak easily up to three languages. On the other hand, clients like to have our services closer to home, no
matter how small the world gets. That is why we are opening offices in Regent Street. ”

An international brand
The school opened its doors in May 2013 and has a proven track record so far. More than 40 butlers were trained, several were placed in private families around the world and the school was recognized by City & Guilds. Not only private people find their way to the services of the school but
the corporate world is very keen on these new fresh training techniques. Contracts have been established with premium car brands, five star hotels and even one of the biggest private superyachts in the world.

“When I started the school I never expected it to be an international brand so fast.” says the managing director. “I have the privilege of being invited as a speaker in the corporate world and demands from abroad soon followed. The techniques we learn our butlers seem to work very well with employees of certain multi-national companies. They love what we do and keep inviting us back.”

In the early spring of 2016 the first book will be published about what we can learn from butlers in our private and professional lives.

Innovating in an old profession
The butler trade is one of the oldest in the world. Nevertheless, School for Butlers & Hospitality has always been on the forefront of innovation and they continue to do so. “From the start we have been working with the latest technologies. Every course is supported in an audio-visual way. In addition, student actions are filmed and analyzed on body language and posture.” explains Vincent Vermeulen. “Lately we get a lot of demands for online trainings. It’s not
that easy to do for a traditional and practical profession but we have found a formula to combine online trainings with shorter on-site presence. It saves a lot of time and costs. Our profession is not what it was thirty years ago and therefor we have to keep anticipating to the needs of the market.”
concludes the principal of the school.

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