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I must be mad to even attempting to write this blog on recruitment, particularly when I remember how I struggled to get my O’ Level in English plus my poor attempts to write recruitment ads! If it wasn’t for my ex boss whom I have the ultimate respect for, I am sure I wouldn’t have even attempted this. It is a shame he isn’t around to keep an eye on my posts and check the grammar.
The other point I have to make is thank god for the spell checker, without it I would take forever and a day to check each email, letter and blog entry. I suppose this is a sign of the times, as we all become more illiterate, although in my case I am sure I was just useless, but heh I survived.

As I now step seriously into this blog, I thought how would I appeal to fellow Recruitment Consultants, the answer came flooding in “don’t write a blog on recruitment!!”

That maybe a little harsh but in essence there is some truth, so I plan to have a mixed feel with some good helpful content mixed with as much light heartiness as possible, so if you want to take a blow or have a laugh I can take it, 20 years in this industry you become thick skinned.

So if you have something to say let me know serious or not as you know us Recruitment Consultants are a little quirky to say the least!!
Stephen Fowler
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  1. Stephen please help me! how do I choose my market? Do I stay in the industry I am used to and can I do a diffrent location than I am used to

  2. Hello Stephen,

    My name is Colleen, I work on behalf of Jobsite.co.uk and thought you might want to check out a new service we are launching called BeMyInterviewer.

    BeMyinterviewer.co.uk is an interactive video based website that lets jobseekers practise for interviews with some of the UK’s leading bosses. It’s a completely new way of preparing for interviews. Jobseekers can rehearse with industry professionals like Duncan Bannatyne(Dragons’ Den), Ruth Badger (The Apprentice) and Jacqueline Gold (Ann Summers/Knickerbox), amongst others.

    We will be adding on new business figures on a monthly basis to keep the site fresh and reflect job seekers’ interests.

    We regularly keep up to speed with your blog, Recruitment Views, and as a great source of advice and information for candidates / the industry would like to make you aware of the site and get your feedback. Please get in contact if you would like more information about bemyinterviewer.co.uk or jobsite.co.uk.



  3. Hi great website, love your about me page!

    But about me (hee hee!) I am the Marketing Manager of The Recruiters’ Book, which is basically a week to view hardbound notebook for Recruiters, to be used with or without a Recruitment system.
    I would love to send you a press pack!
    Please DM your address so we can send one for your attention!
    The Recruiters Book! 🙂

  4. Hi Stephen,

    I came across your blog in the daily grind and felt like someone had opened a window; that is, I found it refreshing, not cold!

    I work for The IT Jobboard, an online IT recruiter catering to a number of regional markets, including the UK and Germany, to name two.

    I wanted to remind everyone of the biggest world IT fair – The Cebit in Hannover between the 2nd and the 6th March 2010. We will be there to provide the best tips for IT job searches and can be found at http://www.theitjobboard.co.uk’s stand.

    Good luck!

    Kind regards

    Enaam Alkhudairi

  5. Hi Stephen,

    I really like the blog, there are some really interesting submissions here. I work as the online marketing manager for Morgan McKinley and I am really interested in Online Recruitment and how social networking will change the world of recruitment. We recently lanuched a recruitment blog that talks about Financial recuitment across the uk, take a look on http://www.talkrec.co.uk!

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    Social Media and recruitment, we believe is just another advertising mechanism, and does not promote the job directly, and therefore works like an advert in the local paper, providing Hits, and not potential employees.

    LinkedIn is a completely different phenomenon, and we believe will decrease the market share of those mid-high level recruiters.

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    Kind regards


  7. Hi Steven,

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    You all need to stay on top of great new talent and gather the latest press and media clips about companies you work with. But the current tools are lacking: Up until today, a search usually involved tedious copying & pasting, and clumsy organization – on top of recruiting tools that don’t let you drop web clippings right in. Try Memonic for a perfect enhancement to your process, and get more people great jobs!
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  8. Hi there Stephen

    Myself and my colleague were made redundant a few months ago & had 13 years commercial recruitment experience between us. We decided that we would set u http://www.theemployable.com – a site for the recently redundant, unemployed, graduate and disillusioned worker. We are hoping to inspire life change and empower this said community to create ideas, innovations and ultimately their own jobs and business startups. I would appreciate your feedback on our blog site so far and also I also noticed you had a blog role and I wondered if you would add us to this, if this is a free option?

    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you.


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