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I have been using Arithon now for over a year and I thought it was about time I wrote a review from a Recruitment Consultants point of view.

The recruitment software package Arithon, was introduced to me from another consultant, as a cost effective option to get up and running. Due to its set up cost of just £50 per month rather than the thousands the competitors charge, made it an obvious choice. More importantly I wanted to spend my budget on advertising, knowing I could upgrade it later if necessary but as it turned out I never needed to.

For a clearer presentation follow this link to the Video presentation.

As I specialise in permanent recruitment I wanted an uncomplicated system, which this is, in fact as soon as you start to use the software all the functionality is obvious. Some of the smart functions you will need to learn, but I promise you, you will be up and running in minutes. What makes it so easy to use is the interface and the way it flows between each stage.

It is difficult to fault Arithon because if I had an issues I know that they will try to implement it into the system, I have seen this first hand with the implementation of skype and as a result I no longer need to dial a number again. At the end of the day Arithon want to stay ahead of the competition and they cannot do it without our help.

Probably one of the most important aspects about Arithon is that it is web based (ASP), which has so many benefits particularly in regards to viruses, in fact I learnt this the hard way. After having all my cv’s and contacts wiped off my hard drive, I now know why it is better to have it protected off site. When I think how much money a colleague of mine has spent protecting his database you can really see the advantages. Another great advantage of ASP is I can work from home if I need to or if I am interviewing at a hotel, I can update candidate details there and then and send emails from my hotel room.

The ability to send emails direct from Arithon is also an added feature because no longer do I need to search through all the emails from outlook to find the one email with the terms attached or if I sent Joe’s cv to the client, very handy if you are chasing a lost fee. Another cool feature is the ability to check if the email for the contact is valid, this saves some embarrassing phone conversations. Obviously cv’s can be sent direct from Arithon and the whole process is tracked from the matching of candidate to the vacancy to the candidate starting with the company and each stage appears in the diary to ensure you do not forget to follow.

When you write the vacancy advert it will go automatically onto your website and out to your key job portals which saves so much duplication. Recently Arithon have informed me of a new nifty add-on, where the cv is automatically scanned and the details are scraped from the cv and placed in to the relevant sections of the database this will save so much cutting and pasting!.

If you are still not sure give Arithon a call and they will let you have a play, and to be honest that is the best way. To finish if you are on a budget then I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with Arithon

Since I wrote this I have now joined Arithon as their Sales Manager, so in the words of Victor Kiam “I loved the product so much I joined the company”


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