Fame at last

I do not know if you can class getting a mention in Personnel Today as fame, but none the less it is nice to get a mention from a publication from the other side!

Maybe that is why Tara says “a somewhat cheesy sense of humour”, still it is always good to get some publicity. It also keeps me motivated, particularly as I have now entered my 4th year of writing Recruitment Views. On that note I thought I would check out my blogroll of recruiters and was pleased to see that all where still writing, some more regularly than others.

On another point I did also check for any broken links and the only one was VlogYourJob a video recruitment site. Alas I have to admit I just cannot see video cv´s taking off, when we all start communicating via video phone then maybe. When you consider the technology and the equipment is there for us all to communicate by video, very few of us do. I have had the video camera unplugged from my computer now for virtually a year, does anyone communicate by video phone these days apart from wishing Mum and Dad happy birthday?

I am sure it is because we want to keep parts of our life to ourself, its fine for communicating with friends and family, but as a business call to a stranger I think not. Video has its place in recruitment, a good example is  Career Player and maybe for interviews that cannot be done face to face.

Still time will tell and a special thanks to Andy of Sirona Says for sending me the clipping.

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  1. Congratulations on your new found fame Stephen. I hope it won’t change you.
    Yes, video messaging is one of those things that should be a useful business tool, but hasn’t really gone mainstream yet for some reason.
    In my experience, there’s a kind of awkwardness about speaking to someone on a computer screen. I can’t put my finger on what it is, perhaps the slight time delay, or the awkard “not sure who’s turn it is to speak” silences.
    Having said that I believe we will all be communicating by video in a few years. I was uncomfortable using a mobile phone ten years ago (I’m a late adopter) and couldn’t see the point of email, but these have both become as natural as breathing, and transformed the way we do business today.

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