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Lisa JonesSpecialist education recruiters, Class People, have announced today that Lisa Jones has joined the team as head of operations in an exciting development for the company. Lisa, a former teacher that chose to leave the classroom and work in education recruitment, has already carved an impressive career in the industry -working previously with multiple education recruitment agencies at senior level including both Monarch and Teacher Active.

With a work history and background that almost mimics that of CEO, Lynis Bassett, Lisa is a perfect fit for the ethos and culture that Class People believe in.

Lynis Bassett, CEO, explains;

We are delighted to have Lisa join us at Class People. The search for the perfect candidate has been on since February and we now believe we have the right fit for our company. It is extremely hard to find someone that has the level of management experience and drive in recruitment that Lisa has with a full appreciation of what goes on in the classroom. With Lisa heading up operations we can be confident in the smooth running of the company whilst ensuring that we keep education at the heart of everything we do.

Lisa Jones, newly appointed head of operations, added;

I felt a synergy with the values and culture of Class People from the beginning and I am excited about the future plans. I am looking forward to seeing huge growth for Class People and believe that with my vast background in the sector I am the right person to drive this forward.

With big expansion plans across other areas in the South-West in coming months, Class People believe that Lisa’s appointment is key to continued growth in this next exciting phase.

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