Rec2Rec hits a new low!

What can I say here, I have a good mind to leave it to you to comment!

As a professional recruiter would you contact this guy, probably not. I cannot help feel it has to be a hoax with the video made from his unmade bedroom. Is he working from his Mum and Dads place or from some student diggs, well who knows…..

Still I have posted the video below, how long it will last before Sam Small sees the error in his ways. yes I managed to track you down Sam, you even have a profile on Linkedin, so you are no longer below the radar.

Still however bad you may think it is, he gets 10 out of 10 for imagination and a very clever url.

His website is, with a few interesting one liners

I am the infamous Maverec2rec consultant- I have been operating “in the shadows” for many years now “flying below the radar” and helping people like YOU better their career prospects and achieve greater satisfaction in their working life.


  1. Great – a recruiter that hangs his head in a towel of shame!! What is the matter with this numpty. Stand up and be counted – don’t put this sh** excuse for a Star Wars audition online.

    You are right, just another bad example of ‘our’ recruitment industry!!

  2. Honestly, i think what this guy has done is great. Yes, it looks rough round the edges and amateurish, but i guess the whole plan is to get recruiters talking about him, which is exactly what we are doing now! I’ve actually spoken to him and he’s a really switched-on guy, of course he knows that the video looks cheap and is just a bit of fun. What he does is use this medium of attracting candidates, not because he appears professional but because it’s amusing and people call him out of curiosity. Good on him i say…Recruiters are often bored with the same random headhunt calls and crap that comes out of their mouths during a pitch….all he is doing is trying something new. Fair play to the guy!

  3. How innovative- I guess we can’t mock it because for all we know he could be raking it in and hey in a crowded marketplace creative advertising can make a big difference. Fair play to the lad.

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