Recruitment is miss spelt as recuritment how many times!

I have to say I was very surprised to see how many people miss spell the word for recruitment, when they search the internet. OK I  may not be the greatest speller of all time. but just to give you some idea how often the word is miss spelt I have compiled a list of the top missed spellings as generated by Google.

recruitments 246,000 times

recriutment 18,100 times

recruiment 18,100 times

Mind you they come in all sorts of disguises such as  “bank recriutment”, with 720 people  putting that into the search engine last month, I wonder how their faired in their job application. Still they may have done well at the Uttaranchal Gramin bank

Still I did not realise how much fun it would be to find all the miss spellings on various recruitment website, this has to be the best from the famed Mercuri Urval with their Recruiment & Selection department, now correct me if I am wrong don’t they just recruit graduates.

Still Mercuri Urval are not the only website with the spelling mistake, as there is apparently 84,200 occurrences.

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