Recruitment Juice Ltd, leading supplier of innovative DVD training programs to the recruitment industry, has created yet another buzz in the industry with the launch of a very successful first event which brought the Juice brand and culture alive for all recruiters who attended.

The event, which took place in central London last week, was presented by Roy Ripper, host of their DVD programs and guest speakers; Gavin Ingham, renowned author and motivational speaker, Dan McGuire, MD of Broadbean and Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo.

The half-day event focused purely on new business generation but Recruitment Juice wanted to ensure that it was a little different to the usual recruitment seminar offering out there. What follows is an excerpt from the well-know industry blogger who writes via his blog site and who attended as a delegate and saw first hand how they achieved this.

“So, how was it you ask? Excellent. My initial curiosity as to how they would keep the Recruitment Juice “feel” was satisfied almost immediately. Ten minutes into the morning whilst Dan McGuire, MD of Broadbean, was launching the day there was a late arrival. As a trainer and presenter there is nothing worse than late attendees. Even worse is when they don’t seem bothered. This guy walked in, on his mobile, acknowledged the room and carried on talking! It was none other than Wayne Kerr from Sunshine recruitment. Wayne stayed for the day and I had the pleasure of his company on my table for much of the group work we did and he certainly lives up to his reputation in the Recruitment Juice DVDs – Remember the Wayne Kerr fee dance? A great touch to keep the Juice feel and nicely done with interruptions from Wayne through the day without causing too much distraction.

The quality of the material in the presentations was excellent, short punchy sessions with group activities (working with Wayne on the top 10 words that would describe him when he is at the top of his game was priceless) that added real value – a message that came across loud and clear from the delegates I spoke to at different tables during the break.

The mixture of sessions between Roy and Gavin added variety and kept interest levels high – Gavin primarily looking at more attitudinal and linguistic techniques and Roy with practical recruitment activities. Each of their sessions was content rich and with 15 years in this industry, I left with 26 (just counted) pages of notes and can honestly say I learned things as well as enjoyed things on the day.

Highlights for me?

Roy’s piece on MPC marketing (Most placeable candidates) was spot on the money and something I have championed everywhere I have worked since being introduced to the MPC concept when I started in executive search. Roy is right – any of you veterans out there who think you don’t need to market out candidates or do Spec calls because you’re experienced? You’re making a mistake.

Gavin’s objection handling session will have been massively beneficial for many in the room as I know as a trainer I am constantly asked about objection handling. Also pleasing that he has similar views to me on power techniques from the 80’s being out of date and is as much an advocate for feel, felt, found as I am.

Wayne Kerr’s attendance added some Juice to the day and his own training venture Wayne’s Winning Ways ( sounds like another “genius” idea.

In conclusion, this was a well constructed, highly informative, massively enjoyable session and I for one will definitely attend future Recruitment Juice live events. For those of you who went I am sure you share my sentiments and those of you who didn’t make sure you go to the next! Roy and Matt have an excellent product and I am sure that there will be much more coming out from the Recruitment Juice stable (should that be orchard or grove or something instead??) to keep us hooked. My final confession…I am going to get hold of a copy of the ‘Juicy Bits of New Business’ from Recruitment Juice.”

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