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With the number of graduates increasing year after year, being a graduate no longer gives you automatic employment status these days. Also if you add to this that many companies complain that the degrees they learn, doesn’t give them the necessary tools to make good employees and makes finding a job as a graduate more and more difficult.

If then you include the fact that many graduates have no idea what to do once they have completed their study, the search for a graduate jobs becomes no better than putting a finger in the air and going where the wind blows!

All in all you wonder why you even bothered.

Saying all this having a degree does put you on the right footing. It is what you do afterwards is key and I have always been keen on getting work experience, it can be almost anything but if it is targeted it will certainly get you on the right track.

Which brings me to why I am writing this article, basically I was contacted by TargetJobs a graduate recruitment jobs portal to review their website and having not used their site before as it is solely for direct employers rather than agencies advertising, I was none the less impressed.

For me the site tackles the issues for a graduate at the beginning with their careers report, which will get you to answer a few questions to get a feel of what would be the best career direction. It may not necessarily be the one you imagined, but at the very least make you think about your options.

I also liked their post on “what to do with a philosophy degree”, not the easiest of careers, but it will certainly get you thinking and it just so happened to be Rick Gervais’s degree, need I say more.

Once you know where you should be heading, the search for a graduate careers becomes a little easier and certainly the site is easy to navigate. It is not cluttered with recruiter vacancies, but more importantly there is a section where you can find jobs solely for gaining the right kind of experience, with their section on work experience and Internships I believe is very important.


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