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Work life balanceOne blog I do enjoy is Fortify your Oasis, partly because it is so well written by Ronan and it has an excellent mix of posts. What caught my eye in particular was a recent post on “Work Life Balance”. It made a good read and certainly questioned my own work life balance.

As someone who works from home and in one of the best cities in Europe (Granada Spain), I should have the best work life balance of any recruiter. Although on greater reflection working from home does have its drawbacks, you are never away from the office and when I am, the phone redirects so there is no escape!

It is just as hard to get away from the computer and when I do it’s usually for chores like collecting my Daughter from school or being asked to put out the washing, its almost as though they don’t think I do any work at all, but in truth I probably work more hours than if I was in the office, at least at 5.30 you can go home. Mind you as an ex recruiter you would still be making those calls from home, certainly in the days without mobile phones, if anyone can remember that.

I have been working from home on and off over the last 7 years and if I was to say what one thing has made it all worth while, it would be watching my daughters grow up, something many parents miss out on these days.

So I am sure no one out there has any sympathy for me, but at least I don’t get as stressed out as this reporter did for the BBC, I hope his work life balance has improved.

Follow this link for the video courtesy of the BBC, mind you I have seen the odd boss over react a little like John Sweeney in the past!!

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