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A contract recruitment solution is great for business!

Why I hear you ask, well I’ll tell you. Having supplied contractors to companies since 1996,having placed thousands of contractors, helped hundreds, if not thousands of businesses, I believe I speak with authority on this matter. So, why is a contract solution often so great forbusiness?
Here are my top reasons:

  • Flexibility of hire, including agreeing a notice period and contract duration that you are comfortable with.
  • No legal employee and employer relationship and the restrictions this places on the employer.
  • Short-term cost: you only pay for the work or project completed.
  • You can experience the person/ limited company in action prior to offering a longer term contract.
  • For a permanent job (if the interim/ contractor will consider accepting a permanent contract of employment), you can see the person in action, be 100% clear it will be agood hire, then make the deal permanent.
  • No advertising costs (assuming a recruitment agency is used).
  • Very time efficient if done right (for example, minimal need to review multiple CVs, orinterviewing).
  • No permanent lump sum fee is due, unless hired permanently after or during the contract period. Costs of hire are spread throughout the contract duration.
  • Gives a fast moving, dynamic company the opportunity of putting a highly skilled,experienced person/s or team/s in place within hours, rather than weeks and months.
  • Often for very niche skills/ experience or certain geographical locations, the very best people will only consider working in an interim/ contract basis.

So, next time you find yourself with a skill shortage why not explore the option of a contractsolution, you may find it saves you time and money and opens you up to a previouslyuntouched set of candidates.

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