A new approach to internal recruitment for the Recruitment Industry

In September, Expedient Training Consultancy will be creating 180 Fully Funded recruitment apprenticeships in 3 regions (London, Birmingham and Manchester) 20 Apprenticeships in Leeds will begin in May/June.  This is a large scale apprenticeship programme dedicated to the recruitment industry.
This programme is the only apprenticeship scheme designed solely for the Recruitment Industry and also in addition includes the REC Certificate in Recruitment Practice.  It has been designed in a flexible way to give employers and employees (learners) choice.  This programme comes at a perfect time when undergraduates are looking at alternatives costly tuition fees for higher education.
Here you get employees who’s starting pay is £2.50 per hour for the first 12 months (we recommend you pay more, or have in place a good commission structure), learn on the job AND all professional training is funded by the government. (16-to under 19’s – 100% funded, 19-24 – 50% funded and Adult apprentice’s part funded)
The Expedient Recruitment Apprenticeship culminates in 4 Qualifications and the benefit of 12 months REAL work experience.
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Paul Deen
Email: paul.deen@expedient-training.org.uk
Tel: 020 7993 8950

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