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Advertise on the Sun for free

I have to admit I do not read the Sun although with a readership of 3 million and 20 million unique user visits to their website, it was with some surprise to find that after they launched their free to advertise job board, that there are actually very few jobs advertised.

Mind you it did take a little effort to find their site after the announcement from Recruiter, because as usual recruiter are not keen on giving the reader a good user experience, by not including a link to the job site. What are Recruiter so scared of, I can only assume they just do not understand social networking or web 2.0!

So if you are looking for some free recruitment advertising pop along to The Sun Employment site, to take advantage of this offer. Obviously the site demographics will not suit everyone, but at least you are not going to get lost in the thousands of jobs advertised on the likes of Monster or Jobsite.

As job boards go, the Sun’s is very simple to navigate which fundamentally is more important than anything, the only negative is that they seem to have been hi jacked by a few get rich and commission only jobs, they need to be careful of these as again it will effect the user experience. Most importantly it is free and I am sure they will drive some candidates over to prospective agencies and employers.

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  1. What a shame, when I read the blog title I thought that this was going to be something cool like a new ability by NASA to place an advert on the sun itself.

    Although I then thought that it would be pointless in this country as it is constantly cloudy. And that looking directly at the sun will damage your eyesight. Although I suppose it would make a pretty shadow on the floor during a break in the clouds.

    Back to reality, that is the eternal problem with free job boards. But the keyword if free. If your consultants are twiddling their thumbs at any point of the day, what’s the harm in giving it a go?

    The location search is poor though. Do they know how big an area places like “Wales” and “Ireland” are??

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