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Skill Shortages in Poland!

I was shocked to hear but not surprised, that Poland is now complaining about their skill shortages. According to Grant Thornton’s International Business Report, Polish company’s are now saying this skill shortage will effect Poland’s future growth.

Having seen first hand the number of Welders coming into the UK, not only are they filling the shortages here and the rest of the world, they have had an instrumental effect on the pay rates for UK welders, who are not willing to work close to the minimum wage as their Polish counterparts do.

Unfortunately the damage may already have been done, with less and less home grown talent here in the UK and what talent there was has now left the industry or gone working abroad.

I think we will here more on this subject, as the the World economies change and the with the shifts in labour and skills, how we react to this as a recruiter will ensure our success.

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  1. Well tell me what this gov’t and the recruitment agencies are going to do when they all go back home!………..and our industrial and I.t has collapsed!…..never happen you say, dream on look at the car industry,steel industry, general manufactuiring all going down rapidly…a country only reliant on service sector will become third world economy! all public services privatised and taken off shore by equity companies!(tax dodge)!
    being a island we only have limited resources.
    I agree that there are a lot of lazy buggers who don’t want to work, but when benefits make a better income than minimum wage jobs( if you are single and have no kids), tax credit shouldn’t be necessary if the income matched the cost in living….. ie raise wages when utilities put their bills up by more than inflation and council tax is just ridiculous! that’s how inflation goes sky high
    And recruitment agencies are being discriminatory towards recruiting foreign workers instead of locals, so it’s no surprise there’s resentment towards them.
    If there are so many vacancies and employers need staff why are they using agencies?…..(agencies don’t always have the correctly skilled staff and how many actually bother to check peoples background( educational quals,training and see actual certificates)?
    I have worked for numerous agencies and they used to muck me about not giving me full weeks work..and when I did I had to work 48+ to earn a living wage……(mainly dog’s body factory work)…….I did just about any type of work in this area and got no training or skill enhancement out of it!
    Oh and by the way I was apprenticeship trained!……….

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