Are these the Worst Jobs in the World

Well after watching the poor Indian cleaning the sewers in Indian, I wondered if there are any other jobs you wouldn’t do.

So I had a little trawl of the internet and came up with some of the worst jobs in the world, well of course it depends upon your point of view 😉

Mind you the other jobs my not necessarily be classed as bad jobs but more like tough jobs, still it makes you realise that recruitment isn’t so bad after all!

The photo stream should be below:

For the Links to the photos are as follows:
Moving pollution from the river
Sewage Diver
Sewer Cleaner
Sky rise maintenance
Armpit Smeller
Target Practice
Pancake Maker
Rear Guard
Crab Fishermen
Elephant suppository
Elephant poop!
Window Cleaner
Stone Fixing
Brick Laying


  1. I don’t think I will ever complain about my job ever again these are some of the worse jobs that I have ever seen before, I think that there would be a lot more people complaining about their work if they had to see this.

  2. I’ve seen some people doing sky rise maintenance in our building and it’s not a pleasant sight seeing them on the 33rd floor cleaning the windows at lunch time.

    Even if they do have insurance as part of their package, I don’t think it’ll still compensate the dangers they are in.

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