Mistaken Identity

The only problem with having a relatively hi profile on the internet is when someone with the same name gets huge publicity it can have a back lash, which wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t negative and associated with the term Wife Swap

So on Friday it starts with a strange email to my boss saying

I am appalled by your choice of employees (Stephen Fowler)! As a result, I will NEVER choose to do business with your company in any way, shape, or form.”

After closer inspection I obviously relieved to see it was mistaken identity and the result of a TV programme in the states called wife swap. Having watched the video of the film below I can see why the she sent such an email to my boss, who could blame her.

So just to confirm the Stephen Fowler in the video below isn’t me, nor would I treat anyone with the same disdain, still it wouldn’t take to long to confirm this. So if you think it couldn’t get any worse there is a website called
Oh what can I say!!!

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