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Breaking the cycle…

This week I was sent an interesting article that highlighted some key statistics regarding employee turnover. Danbro confirmed that a recent survey shows that more employees will hand in their notice this week than any other; with the first week of February running a close second!

Whilst we have seen the demise of several big businesses this year (Jarvis and Connaught being perhaps the two largest casualties); there is without doubt a need for employees to hold onto their employees.

Within the Construction Industry I am yet to meet an employer that has not had to carefully analyse their headcount to ensure their business is as efficient as possible. The effect of this is that each employee is stretched to their maximum capacity and they become a more valuable commodity than ever.

As the Danbro article states the majority of employees will spend their time reflecting on their job when they are spending time away from it; mainly during periods of annual leave. Therefore it is important that employers are ensuring their employees are leaving with a positive outlook.

The action that each employer needs to take will be unique to them and their business however here are a few of mine that you may want to consider:

* Schedule your employee appraisals to coincide with holiday periods. Ensure that you end the meeting by setting a clear progression path, targets and highlighting key achievements. Your employee will leave knowing that their career can progress with your business and that they are valued.

* If you are awarding annual pay rises why not do this at Christmas rather than in the New Year? Someone who has been given a pay rise at this time of year will be less likely to seek new opportunities during the Christmas break.

* Operate an open door policy regarding your employees and their career. As recruiters we always ask every job seeker if they have discussed their plans to leave with their current employer? Most will say that they have not for fear that they will be treated differently if they are considering leaving. As difficult as it may be to hear that your employees are having doubts about working for you it is much better to make it clear that you welcome knowing this sooner rather than later. This of course ensures that you can resolve any issues quickly before they escalate.

As always I welcome your thoughts and encourage any comments or tips that can be shared. Are you an employee that is feeling under valued by your employer? Or are you an employer with extremely high or low employee turnover? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!!


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