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Free Data Backup for your sacred contacts

Having been keen to promote the idea of online backups for your recruitment contacts, resumes personal data etc on my post "Your Contacts are Sacred, treat them like So!" I have been doing some research for my own personal data, which I do not want to loose, particularly after going through 2 reinstalls of Microsoft XP.

What I have found out is that it is going to be quite a big thing with Google and Microsoft coming to the market with online storage in the near future. Now as they are not ready and their history with information is questionable!! I wanted to find something cost effective and inexpensive, as a result I have come across, Inc. partly because it is free up to 1GB (with no strings attached amazingly) and it is really simple to use so I have decided to recommend them.

If you are still not sure of the benefit ask yourself what would happen if all your resumes were deleted from your computer or the computer is stolen?

I do not want to scare anyone into the possibility of a disaster, but this is a good and simple alternative to backing up your data. What I will be excited about with Box Net is they are about to bring out synchronicity with your computer, so you wont even have to think about backing up your data it will be automatic.

To finish if you want more storage there is a cost but not much more than you would spend on blank CD’s, but for me I was going to buy a separate storage disk, which would have cost a lot more.

I hope that is helpful, certainly I am sure if you cannot find your pen drive!

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