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A Cheaper Alternative to Microsoft Office

One thing I have always tried to do with Recruitment Views is to pass on any tips to save you money and this post is one more, which I hope you find useful.

When it comes to setting up your own recruitment company, apart from recruitment software you will also need to buy a Microsoft Office suite or an alternative for opening and reading those cvs, but with a price tag of £329 for the Office Standard Edition, it can put a dent in those set up funds.

Obviously there are ways to get around this, like borrowing a friends disk, downloading an illegal version or even paying for it with your credit card. But the other day I cam across an alternative via my web hosting company, where you can get a legal version of Microsoft Office from £4.99 per month, more details can be found here. OK it is rental but at least you can get up and running before you need to fork out £329, and if you combine that with a 3 months free trial from Microsoft you can spend the savings on some advertising or a coffee machine for the office.

Now if you still want to pay nothing and do it legally you can always go with and combine that with Thunderbird a good alternative.


  1. There may be problems with Fasthosts offer with suggestions elsewhere that the method of delivery, streaming, is not legal according to Microsoft.

    However, for those interested in Open Office, you can get a similarly streamed version free from

    Of course you can download and install the package directly but by streaming it the persons providing the service take care of upgrades for you. Also, depending on how much you use it the disk footprint is much smaller than a full install.

    There are some other advantages to the streaming delivery used by the above website but, unless you want me to, I won’t bore you.

    It might be worth a look for some.

  2. I have used open office for a while, although not as feature filled as office it’s still very good for free software, plus you can create PDF files from word docs which comes in usefull

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