This January award-winning pub group Geronimo Inns has launched a specially commissioned mini-series of tongue-in-cheek videos based around comical tips for interviewees to hone their skills for the perfect job interview. Demonstrating the pioneering group’s innovative approach to recruitment, the four two-minute videos star one of the UK’s leading comedians Marek Larwood, (BBC3’s Impractical Jokers; Rush Hour with Miranda Hart; We Are Klang; Extras; ITV’s Laura, Ben and Him; Edinburgh Comedy Awards nominee) taking part in the ultimate worst-case scenario interview, showcasing comic tips of what not to do and say in an interview.


According to a recent survey by Career Geek, 33% of recruiters know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone, and statistics show that when meeting new people the impact is 7% what the interviewee says; 38% the quality of voice, grammar and overall confidence and 55% is the way people act, dress and walk through the door.

Geronimo Inns, which celebrates its 18th birthday in February, prides itself in having recruited some of the country’s brightest employees since its launch, encouraging graduates to choose the alternative route of working in the pub industry over the stereotypical office job. Geronimo Inns embraces the importance of staff motivation, demonstrated with its recent Superheroes campaign which recognises talent of Geronimo employees with the aim of attracting like-minded people to the team. The Superheroes were voted for by Geronimo staff resulting in six winners, from managers and waitresses to finance directors, who received generous prizes as a result.

Ed Turner, Commercial Director at Geronimo Inns, says: “We have always tried to stand out as a collection of pubs that are different to the norm, and this has been reflected in the quality and variety of our tribe. But finding the right people is never easy and showcasing our personality in an advert is difficult – catching the eye of those who haven’t been to our pubs needs something different. We believe that the most successful candidates are able to mix an element of business with pleasure, to have individuality, to be able to surprise, to know what makes a properly delicious pub, therefore we have always found that success comes easily in Geronimo to those with strong personality – just like our pubs!

We have created these videos to catch the eye of those in the trade, those just looking for a pub or those with a quirky sense of humour, and if they want a place to work or play, or work and play, Geronimo should be top of their mind”.
The films were devised and produced for Geronimo Inns by creative media agency Me:Mo Interactive, which was founded by broadcaster Nat Coombs (Channel 4, ESPN, BBC) and has recently created Geronimo TV including “How To” films and “An Awfully thorough Guide To Being British”, produced for tourists over the Olympics. The agency also made the 8 part digital mini series “Kitchen Foundation” with Philip Howard of two Michelin star restaurant The Square, Mayfair, and the cult sports podcast Americarnage, which was recently nominated in the Best Sports Show category of the Podcast Awards. The videos can be viewed on Geronimo Inns’ website

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