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Just a over a week ago I did a review on Recruitment Juice and their training videos, as I was doing so I couldn’t help but remember the ones

John Cleese did back in the early 80’s and if you are as old as me, you will remember them too. After searching Youtube, I did manage to find an old promotional video but unfortunately at best it was a poor reminder.

After a little research I did manage to find the company, which took over where John had left it, called Video Arts. They have an excellent range of training subjects including Managing People, Selling Skills, Diversity and Equal Opportunities to name just a few. The videos are supported by some high profile UK actors including Ricky Gervais, Dawn French, Hugh Laurie, Paul Merton and many more.

From their range of over 200 videos one in particular stood out, as it was related to our industry and was entitled Behavioural Interviewing, a short clip of which you can see below.

Interestingly the video cost £1,299.00 for a 25 minute DVD presentation, and therefore shows you how much of a good deal you get with Recruitment Juice.

Oh and if your interested I did finally manage to find a video of John Cleese, called “The Hidden Mind”, which covered the subject of creativity. For some reason it was supposedly only a 3 minute preview, but it ran for the whole 45 minutes. Wether I was just lucky I have no idea, but here is the link if you are looking for ideas on how to make your recruitment company stand out from the crowd.

PS I think its the same system Google uses!

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  1. In the UK, the government is thinking of allowing race and gender to be factored into the employer’s decision on whether to employ the candidate. So the Employer can legally choose a woman from a minority group over a male candidate, who is equally qualified. Is this right? Does this not harm race relations? Does it work both ways? Can I legally choose a white male over a woman from a minority group? It would be interesting what your readers think.

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