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To be the best recruiter in 2009 it´s about the survival of the fittest.

Just before Christmas I made the decision to pay more attention to my health, not that I wasn’t healthy far from it I was training regularly and getting back to a more respectable weight and most importantly I managed to get rid of the beer belly.

What was concerning me is that this year I will hit 46 and from now on the dreaded cancer becomes more of a possibility, you just hear about it all the time. So after a little research it becomes obvious that by changing your diet, you can reduce the chance by at least 50% or more.

Now I am not writing this article to tell you how to loose weight or prevent cancer, it is the side affects of making two changes to my lifestyle that has impressed me most.

The first change I made after Christmas was to cut out coffee and drink 2 ltrs of water a day, within a week I was feeling more energised and most importantly I was able to work harder and longer without feeling tired and the second was to eat more vegetables and fruit, which I have to say was hard to do, but when I found that yellow kiwis have nearly 3 times more vitamin c than oranges I was on my way.

So when it comes to recruitment, we all know how hard it is at the best of times and now that it is getting more competitive, only the fittest will survive.

“So if you want to beat your competition, it isn’t just about your ability to do the job better than anyone else, it is about being fitter than anyone else.”

So if you are not doing it already cut out the coffee and tea for 2 weeks and replace with water, it will be easier than you think and let me know how it goes.

For some interesting info on the benefits of water read The Water Cure and this article on prevention of Cancer with diet.

And since I have become obsessed with diet, you may want to follow this blog Natural News by the Health Ranger who got me started at looking at my health differently!!

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  1. Stephen

    I couldnt agree more with what you are saying and survival of the fittest is so true in this marketplace with the amount of recruiters falling into administration on a weekly basis.

    What you haven’t highlighted though is Darwin’s theory of survival – his explaination of the fittest wasnt neccessarily the strongest – his description of fittest wasnt the strongest – it was how adaptable a creature can be – this is survival.

    You have “adapted” your lifestyle so your work output and general well being is healthier and it is exactly what recruiters have to do – adapt/become flexible/be imaginative to “add value” to your proposition.

    We have numerous recruiters asking us how we can “add value” to their proposition in the form of video content – be it on a careers page, a communication tool to clients or even sending video of marketable candidates to clients – it is all about changing process / thinking outside the box and the clients love the fact in hard times you are adding not taking away value.

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