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Meet The Real Me Launches CVs with Personality

I just received this press release from, which is basically another way to present CV’s with a video. I have to admit I am not a fan as a recruiter, as I really wouldn’t have enough time to go through every video application.

Maybe if  was looking for a trainee it would have more merit and a video could be a deciding factor if I was not sure. Based on the videos I have watched so far it would in fact put me off employing them, let alone interviewing them!

Saying that I was surprised there were 10,000 candidates registered, but when I looked further all is not quite as one would believe. The truth is they are a recruitment agency rather than a web portal and I would think the candidates would be a tad disappointed given there are only 110 jobs which go back to October 2010.

Still as an agency they specialise in media and sales so I can see how they would benefit and at least they are trying something in these difficult times.


Jobseekers looking to stand out in today’s crowded and competitive job market need look no further! The newly launched e-me is a fresh, new online tool that allows candidates to apply for any job, anywhere in world. It provides a unique platform for them to shine online and showcase not just their qualifications but their personality too.

In line with other leading social media platforms, e-me is the next online professional profile to connect candidates with prospective employers. It is free to set up and incorporates all the elements of a traditional CV, with the added benefit of an accompanying short, structured video interview to highlight a candidate’s charisma, confidence and communication skills. Quick and easy to create, all it takes is a webcam, internet access and plenty of enthusiasm. Jobseekers are then free to share their e-me with employers, whether it is via email, job boards, social networks or smart phones.

“With an e-me you’re not just a qualification, you’re an individual,” comments Meet The Real Me Director Brian Michael. “We wanted to find a way for candidates to gain a competitive edge in the employment race and really shine online when applying for a role. The beauty of the e-me is that unlike the traditional written CV, people can present their personality alongside their qualifications without anyone having to leave their desk! It’s the next generation’s answer to a job application.”

For employers, the e-me is also an attractive alternative to traditional CVs, as they face mounting applications and fierce competition for any given role. Hirers and firers can now find the best matches for their vacancies whilst saving time and resources in the process – an appealing prospect in today’s job market.

Continues Brian Michael: “We like to think of e-mes as CVs with personality. For many occupations personality is considered just as important as qualifications and grades, if not more. Morale is at an all-time-low amongst jobseekers right now, especially for this year’s graduates who are competing with the massive backlog of students who failed to find work 12 months ago. With the e-me, candidates can get one step closer to employers, helping them get noticed so they can get the jobs they want.”

For more information on the e-me, please visit

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  1. Just to comment on a couple of the issues you raise. The e-me allows you to apply for ANY job anywhere in the world, so you can send your e-me (as a URL link) to any job posting – regardless of whether this appears on MTRM’s own jobs board, so this significantly opens up opportunities for candidates.

    In terms of the time it takes to view profiles, we believe that this process can in fact save employers a great deal of time. By effectively first interviewing from the comfort of their desk, the e-me means employers can avoid fruitless first interviews with candidates who simply aren’t right for the job, while getting closer to the right ones earlier in the recruitment process.

    We agree that this is particularly suited to entry-level roles, particularly when recent graduates do not have a wealth of work experience on their CVs and need a way to stand out in the fierce competition for roles. By being able to get personality and charisma across straight away, it can provide them with an excellent edge in the employment race.

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