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Select Appointments, one of the UK’s leading staffing companies and recruitment franchisors, has welcomed the news that confidence in UK recruitment agencies remains high.

Demand for recruitment services has never been so great, with skilled workers in particular being highly sought after. This has placed increased pressure on recruitment agencies as companies compete to attract the top candidates. 

The good news, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), is confidence in UK recruitment firms remains high. It found that recruitment agencies had a net satisfaction rating of 93% in July 2015 illustrating just how well they are performing amidst the pressure of heightened demand. In addition, the REC reported that 89% of hirers are satisfied with the quality of candidates being presented. 

The REC’s report on jobs also found that 74% of employers believe that economic conditions, domestically, are improving and that 86% of hirers plan to add permanent headcount over the next quarter, whilst 79% plan to do so in the medium term. Eight in ten hirers are using agency workers to gain short-term access to key strategic skills. 

Suzie McCafferty, Managing Director at Select Appointments, explains: “The latest figures from the REC show that as an industry we are performing well. Despite the increased demand and skills shortages, confidence remains high that recruitment agencies are the best option if you are looking to expand your workforce.”

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