Diversity in Recruitment

Carrying on with the theme of Diversity in Recruitment, with more to follow. I found out today that Prestige Recruitment have reached the Gold Award for Diversity in Recruitment from the REC.

Obviously congratulations to Julie Hardy and her team at Prestige, but also for bringing to my attention more on this important topic. You can find out more by visiting the government website The Equal Opportunities Commission and the REC

On top of this I will be speaking to  Joel the MD of Cultiv8 Recruitment this week, a committed recruiter to Diversity to get his point of view also.

Oh on one last point, after visiting Prestige Recruitments website I couldn’t see any reference to their award or their commitment to Diversity, so Julie if you read this please shout about such a positive accolade.


  1. Congratulations to Prestige Recruitment Services on their award. Well done!

    Diversity in recruitment – the area that seems to greyer than the rainclouds outside my window at present. I would like to make one thing clear, it is not new nor is it a pain in the neck as i was told by one recruiter.

    It is just plain common sense to utilise the skills, knowledge and backgrounds of all who pass through our office doors seeking employment particular as we are in a people business.

    Or is it just a sales game (as i was told by a different recruiter) and people dont matter?

    You see, what worries me is that as recruiters, we are too used to dancing to the tune of our clients. Lets be honest, that tune never used to one that found the ears of those most underrepresented.

    Subconsciously or consciously, many recruiters have made sure that candidates fit a ‘certain mould or profile’ in order to secure the fee particular for those working with professional services – and i dont mean the job description!

    Demographic changes, fair & ethical services delivery, CSR etc have all meant that our clients businesses must represent the society they serve. Both for commercial and social advantage.

    This means that recruiters have a responsibility to not only recruit a diverse candidate base but also to have a diverse workforce themselves( not really spoken about!) – difficult when your average high street recruiter is not fully aware of issues that reduce their ability to find all the diamonds in the rough.

    At the risk of sounding arrogant, my last decade of supporting local communities and people who are classed as diverse, is what sets Cultiv8 apart from others. I actively encourage other recruiters to make a point of stepping out your comfort zones and changing how you do business to ensure sustainability.

    Candidates are much wiser about who they register with, clients are begin to question diversity policies and pratices and the UK labour market is getting tighter by the minute.

    Im very passionate about this subject but putting my emotions to one side: recruitment has always been and will always be about people, not sales or numbers. If you find the right person for the role from a larger talent pool, not only will you earn your fee but you also add value to your clients business, creating long term relationships.

  2. To go into more depth on this subject of Diversity in the work place I thought I should forward your offer to someone who is passionate about the subject, she calls herself Diversity Girl, which says it all.

    I particularly liked one of her recent posts on Dark Beauty about a call to arms for Can We Talk? National Diversity Webinar, September 12, 2007

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