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Yesterday I was using Zoho Writer which is a free online word processing tool. They are an interesting company who have developed a number of web based office tools, including Zoho Sheet an Excell type product, a Power Point look alike called Zoho Show plus other various tools in development.

As you may know I am a bit of a sucker for online systems, which these are and I recently wrote an article in regards to a free online storage provider. I will not go into that here but what may appeal to you fellow recruiters is a new tool in Beta, which I spotted just by accident called Zoho Challenge, it is an online testing tool that you can send out to potential candidates prior to interview. Its is free up to 25 candidates after which there is a cost, still one cannot complain as most of their tools are free.

I have had a bit of a play with the system and it is quite easy to use, it isn’t something that I have needed but for some HR Managers or Recruiters it may be of use.

Anyway I just thought I would pass on the information, in case you would find it useful that is if you test candidates of course!

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