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Which Recruitment Blogger is on Top!

Yesterday I had an invitation fom Andy Kazeniac to read some comments on the Compete blog, one is always wary, but none the less I am always keen.

Having read the article which discussed "Jobster and Facebook" the "in subject" at the moment. Ryan postulated the probable increase in activity to Jobster, would be about 1% based on a similar relationship between Myspace and Simplyhired, whatever the figure it can only be good for Jobster.

Although Ryan questioned the success of Jobster, I think he is underestimating Jason’s resolve and determination, when you combine this with recent key site changes. I am sure Jason will upset a few established leaders very soon.

Moving away from this I did take a deeper look into Compete and found their site fascinating. They have a webbased application, which compares the activity of websites, a useful tool if you are as competitive as me!! So based on this I thought I would compare myself with Louise, knowing that I am well behind. Unfortunately I found that Compete only collects data from the States, so for us UK Recruitment bloggers, we will just have to wait a little longer.

Still it was fun comparing the recruitment blogger’s in the Sates, to see who is on top.

One final comment I did install their tool bar, as it was a great way to check out the other sites that I visit. One word of warning I had to uninstall, as it seemed to effect my Google reader in firefox. If the same happens to you, I suggest you let them know at Compete.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up Stephen. A quick note on the Google Reader issue: we are aware of it and are in the process of fixing it, so having the Google Reader and the Compete Toolbar should not be a problem soon. Thanks again.

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