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Recruitment Consultants, not so bad after all!

I thought this must be good news to all you recruiters out there, with a recent press release from Jonathan Lee Recruitment. OK it isn’t a huge study but certainly must indicate a trend.

There are times when recruiting can be a thankless task when you feel as though you being treated as the local “car sales rep” and at times, I think we deserve it. So I was pleased to see that things may not be as bad as they first appear, when you read the following extract from their recent survey.

The survey also revealed that respondents? use of online job sites had dropped by almost 10% since the survey was last undertaken two years ago, whilst 36% indicated the use of recruitment consultants to find a new job.  When taken in conjunction with the fact that over 50% of respondents indicated a preference for a personal contact from a recruitment agency, Kay believes this is good news for reputable recruitment consultancies across the country.

Don’t get me wrong I love recruiting, I am just disappointed that the untrained and unprofessional recruiters can often give us a bad name, so I was pleased that candidates can still see the benefit of a good consultant with a personal touch, still wins over from the jobboards.

Mind you I do think this also has some impact on the jobboards, that big isn’t necessarily beautiful as it was well put by Peter Gold.

You can read the report here.

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