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How I got into recruitment

It is amazing how time fly’s, I have been in recruitment now for nearly 20 years, it has been a great industry to be involved in with many ups and downs on the way. What I can say is that I still get the same buzz I had when I placed my first candidate in a job all those years ago, it is a feeling that really keeps you in recruitment.
It’s also that love of the industry which has compelled me to write this blog, with the initial intention to help other newbie’s get into recruitment. Since that initial thought I now plan to develop the site to help experienced consultants and anyone looking to start up their own recruitment consultancy and any thoughts on the way.
So based on this and to develop the theme of “How to become a recruitment Consultant” I thought an obvious place to start is with me, and how I got into recruitment.
For me it was quite by accident and I am sure it is how most of us get into the industry. I remember the day as if it was yesterday I popped into a local agency looking for a job and I quite liked what I saw, so I asked them if they were looking, they said no and sent me to the competition, what I didn’t know I had just been fed to the lions!!
The company was called Austin Benn and they specialised in Sales Recruitment, it was a tough environment but a great place to learn your skills. Interestingly many of the consultants I worked with there slowly left and started their own agencies, some of which have become very successful in deed. Austin Benn in their early days was probably one of the first to adopt a new style of more aggressive young go getting sales guys.
In some ways the industry is still the same and maybe more competitive, but what still holds true is the sales element, that most newbie’s do not realize when they start their job hunt. Like many the appearance of a Recruitment Consultant seems to be an easy job, where all they do is meet candidates and have a nice chat, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
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