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As we all know the UK recruitment market is going through its toughest times at the moment, with the countless job losses. So when we here of the 100 job losses by Google which may seem insignificant, what we do not know is how many jobs have been lost with Google cutting back on out sourced work, a figure which I am sure will be much more significant!

Still I digress just a little, but wherever there is a down turn there are always industries growing, which any smart recruiter can take advantage of. So with a recent press release from Monster jobs in amongst all this negativity, they have given us some clues to which markets are seeing a growth.

In contrast, hiring of education workers rose, partly due to demand for training from unemployed workers. Modest increases were also noted in the legal; and R&D sector. you can read the full press release here

Also within markets, companies will be doing well. You only have to read this recent article on Aldi , who have just increased their graduate hires by 50%, a stark contrast to Marks and Spencer. Also with more grads fighting for less vacancies, some clients I think  could use our help 😉 Aldi in fact was one of those companies mentioned by the BBC Gold in the Gloom I gave it a mention back in July, so clues are out there.

So if your market is struggling the question is, what are you doing to survive 2009?


  1. I guess everyone’s service will have to adapt. The total numbers are smaller, and the new ‘Generation Y’, is bringing in all their social networking and the rest of it in the game. All involved in the online recruitment should find the way how to embrace the changes. Blogging, social networking, should become a part of the job specification in the most of the roles related to the recruitment industry. And that itself is a big change.

    Ivan |

  2. As with Aldi, Peacocks and other such discount shops and brands are doing very well taking on more staff and seeing the best turnovers they have ever witnessed. We are seeing some of the big stores and brands offering cheaper alternatives and as the gentleman says above, the large brands need to embrace the change and look at more forward ways of marketing.

  3. There are actually more companies recruiting at the moment than many people think. Being made redundant is chance to take a different career path and look into a better working life and a more rewarding job.

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