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On Friday I was pointed towards an interesting website Erexchange which I had not heard of before, it is obviously American and appears to be a culmination of various experts in the field of HR and recruitment and their Blogs. I thought I would join to see what happens.

I took a look at one of the recent article in regards to “Recruiting is Sales: How to Become a Better Salesperson Today”, which I must admit I enjoyed and certainly is something I am in agreement to.

In regards to the way the site works I am not completely sure, although it appears to be an excellent source of information from various experts in the recruitment field and for consultants chat on a topic, in the meantime I will keep an eye on it.

What it has done is open an opportunity to discuss the comparisons between the UK and The American system, as I am told the American system operates to a far higher standard!


  1. Yeah, recruitment consultants are quite good. They get messed around, so in turn they mess their customers around too. You have to play it cool.
    If you want a job in a recession then, yeah, it’s a recruitment consultant. How they operate is another thing. Basicly they are making money off other people backs.
    I really don’t know were I stand with them and alot of people won’t know either.

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