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Recruitment Press Releases

Over the last week or so I have been forwarded a number of press releases and until now I have not had a moment to sort.

So this afternoon I knew if I do not deal with them today, I never will!

The problem is if I was to write about each one then it would be too time consuming, but as I felt they would be of interest to you in regards to seeing what the competition was up to, I wanted to include them somehow. So below are short paragraphs and links to each press release.

First up is Medacs Healthcare recruitment, which really is doing what a good agency should do when it comes to cornering their market, as sponsors of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Conference. More here.

Next is Pathmotion who are looking to give lucky individuals the opportunity to meet their favourite UK business icon. More here on this competition

Roy Ripper is at it again with a superb Seminar on “the art of headhunting” on the 10th August in London, given his background it should be fact full of tips details here

A study by Vodafone has found that finally graduates are realising to succeed in finding a new job, they need work experience. More on the recruitment survey here

It’s all in the name recons Dave Way of Mark Sattin, who have decided to drop the WH with their new website launch, mind you WH Smiths cannot see a problem!! More here, but can you spot the mistake?

I may not necessarily agree with NetNatives recruitment strategy and its impact on the recruitment industry, but none the less it is important to see what the competition is up to.

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