Recruitment, The Dads Army way!

I was going to save this till Friday, but what the hell. Starting the week with a smile is just as good.

This morning I picked up an alert for a recruitment video, which was a clip from Dads Army. The video starts with a job appraisal and how to deal with sensitive issues such as dress code and motivation, in a style unique to Captain Manering.

Then it moved on to recruitment advertising using posters around the village, an old take on a new term “recruiting for passive candidates.” I have to admit using posters is something that I have not used for quite sometime, probably as a direct result of the Internet making us just a little bit lazy.

It shouldn’t be overlooked though and is certainly a good option when you are looking for local talent. Take time out to think about where your candidates meet up or socialise, because quality candidates are not necessarily surfing the net or chatting on Facebook. I remember once seeing my competitor advertise in the toilets of the local pub, need I say more!

The video clip below lasts about 8 mins so only suitable for the lunch break.

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