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Recruitment Video for a UK Jobs board

As nearly all of us use a recruitment job boards, I thought this would be of interest. It is a recruitment video for ,which is a jobsite targeting careers in the academic, research, science and related professions.

Although very interesting, strangely they never mentioned which vacancy they are recruiting for!

Whatever the case you get the feeling they are better to work for than Monster, no underhand marketing going on here!!

Video is below

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  1. Great to see are doing something good in the video space – as Stephen says it looks like a better place to work than Monster – they are being open honest and this is exactly the type of video that a job board should have to attract talent – I must ask the question however why havent they offered their clients the same service? Surely this is like preaching to the converted? They can see the value in having a video to tell the world this is a great organisation to work for – why arent they putting something in place so their clients placing the ads do the same – ok heres the sales pitch – this is what Talent on View does for job boards. We host, stream and give you different options for your job site – you may want a corporate video only however you may want to get cool by offering your candidates the ability to upload/record a video alongside their CV submittal – this increases collateral on your job site – its a no brainer.

    Talk to Talent on View and we can tell you how easy and cost effective this is to do and you dont have to worry about the bandwidth – we take care of that too so high traffic doesnt mean a slow down.

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