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secretarialcareers My right hand is functioning again so with a bit of luck I should be able to write more regularly from now on, although I still haven’t got back on the bike yet!

Today’s post is as a result of being contacted by a new Job board a niche job site for secretaries, that is if you haven’t already guessed.

I am quite sure the site will succeed, as they are part of the Totaljobs network and unsurprisingly the site is very easy and simple to navigate, mind you who’s idea was it to use pink in their theme, a little too stereotype if you ask me.

There isn’t anything revolutionary, although I did like their Podcast and Vodcast page, which had some good advice but one tiled “Is love in the air? How to deal with office romance” makes me wonder what reaction there would be from secretaries, are they being typecast again? I do not think I can comment on that one.

reed Secondly on the subject of Job boards, I suppose the biggest news is that Reed Jobs have quietly added some paid for features, with the most amazing being a cv searchable database, to be launched on Monday. I for one will be looking forward to checking that out and I will be interested in the reactions from Monster and Totaljobs. In some ways its going to be strange to look at a competitors database of candidates!!

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  1. Some of the information on the website may seem quite stereotyped towards woman, however, you have to admit the general consensus is that woman are secretaries.

    Sorry to say it and i wish it wasn’t so. i look damn good all dressed up in a suit

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