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I have been writing here on Recruitment Views now for well over a year and part of that requires the need to read other blogs, RSS feeds and Google email alerts. One of the themes that comes up time and time again is the US Military recruitment campaign, but what was different this time it was a counter recruitment campaign, a sign of the times.

I am sure my American readers are well aware of this growing group, but it certainly surprised me, still it is part of the freedom of speech, that ironically we are trying to protect amongst other things.

Now I am not going to go into wether I agree or disagree I will leave that to the politician’s, but on the recruitment front there is something to be said about the image we portray when we post a recruitment vacancy using video, as it can give a completely false image and as a result it isn’t surprising that after so much use of this medium, there is now a backlash.

Moving away from the military recruitment I also came across this video below, which incidentally they are still recruiting for IT people in New York (a lead for a few of you consultants). This certainly creates an image of a fun and wild company to work for, but I know wonder are they misrepresenting their company.

Still I suppose we can leave this all to the trading standards, but in the meantime the video is light entertainment with some good backing music perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Now with over  870,000 views, shouldn’t all their vacancies be filled and with so many candidates they could set up their own agency, hmm something to ponder I suppose.

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