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Computer People Recruitment Video

Louise was first to this recruitment video from Computer People, so now I feel terribly guilty mentioning it, I hope you do not mind.

To be honest Louise’s review of the video is excellent and I suggest you read it on her blog, if only I could be so articulate.

I agree whole heartedly with Louise’s comments particularly the 90’s feel, yes I remember those days well, it was the late 80’s for me! Back then we were all in our 20’s and the office was full of male testerone and hyper, just as in the video. I am pleased to say it has all changed and women are often the top billers and so are the over 50’s, just shows you how wrong they were.

Obviously the interview is aimed at the young  professional who is just in it for the money, it is that attitude that gives our industry a bad reputation, candidates are just a number to them!

Interestingly I was the top biller in the group by being the complete opposite.

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