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The Counter Offer

redundancyI am not going to go into too much detail when it comes to the counter offer, but what I will say is the more you know about the candidate and the opportunity the better chance you have in turning it around. These days many consultants do not take as much detail as they should about the role or why the candidate wanted to leave in the first place, because this is the ammunition you will need.

What I will tell you about is an experience back in 1987 as a recruiter, which has helped me turn round a number of counter offers in the past. What reminded me of this was a recent post from Andy “Do the 350 top companies really give a c**p about their employees?

So whenever I have a counter offer I will remind them why they wanted to leave in the first place, that their company should have offered you this before you had resigned and that there is a likelihood they will be looking for your replacement, and by then you will have missed that Golden Opportunity.

Now if that didn’t work and loyalty comes into the equation, I would bring up my experience of the Coke Cola and Schweppes merger in 1987. I have no idea how many redundancies there where, but I do remember I was suddenly interviewing rep after rep from these two companies, all over the age of 40 many with over 20 years of service and no chance of finding another job. At this point I realised that loyalty counts for nothing and you can be disposed of at a moments notice, in this case instantly.

So yes Andy companies dont give a C**P about their employees, and it will go on happening with no consideration of the implications except for the share price!!

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