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My First Recruitment Guest Speaker Experience

One of the reasons for not writing as regularly as I should, mind you who can keep up with Dave Mendoza I don’t even have the time to read them, let alone react. Is because next Tuesday I will be in Dublin at The Berkeley Court Hotel as one of the guest speakers.

Fortunately I will be covering a pet subject of mine Recruitment and Technology, which should calm the nerves with around 50 attendees.

Although I am apprehensive I am looking forward to it for a number of reason. Firstly you have to move out of your own comfort zone to develop, which this surely will be and secondly I will be joining some of the more experienced presenters, of whom most are listed on my blog. In fact I watched a Joel Cheesman presentation yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration Joel, I just cannot decide whether I should wear a loud T-shirt or Suit! Luckily there is no video to keep a record.

So fingers crossed the flight is canceled!

by Qumana

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