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Top marks to PFJ

logo-pfj Today I managed to pop by PFJ’s newly re-launched recruitment website, having had time to look around I thought I would pass on my views, but more importantly to say well done.

I have watched PFJ for a number of years and have seen them grow from strength to strength, maybe I should have contacted them a few years back 😉  as they had a style then I seem to recall.

Now it is hard to remember what their site was like before the changes, but I am fairly sure it was similar, I think it is termed minimal. Whatever the case if you were thinking of building your own site you should take time to look at theirs. 

What I really like about it is its simplicity, no designer has gone over the top with too much flash to detract away from recruitment, with their vacancies being presented to you immediately and on all pages making it easy to apply, which is what it is about after all. Now if you go a little deeper, particularly if you are a client or a candidate wanting to join them as a recruitment consultant or use their services, then this site really excels.

It’s their clever use of video that sells the company and although it is very corporate, it really promotes a professional organisation who will give you the best possible service, well at least that’s what they trying to get across. What I did find to be very clever is the continual track back to the training room, now that’s what I call subliminal selling!

I am pleased to see they have a blog as part of the make up, but if I was to criticise it just doesn’t feel like a blog, its a list of questions. Now OK they are relevant and thought provoking and of course you need to keep it corporate, but hey a blog is where you can let your hair down and talk about the last company function, charitable work, a particularly successful placement, a few pictures etc etc. I think you may get where I am coming from Paul.

So all in all a nice simple site, easy to navigate with a modern approach, not to mention you can get the latest vacancies to your mobile!!

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