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Company Espionage!

I was reading an interesting article tonight on in regards to recruitment ads at Google.

What fascinated me is after all these years of reading recruitment adverts it never really dawned on me that anyone else read them apart from us recruiters, looking for a lead or a candidates looking for a job. It now appears others are using them to get the inside track on the next key developments within a company.

I have to admit although it is obvious, I had not really thought of recruitment advertising in this way before but it has opened my eyes to the amount of unique and classified information we are aware of, which can be very valuable to a stock market trader or a competing company.

When you think about it we are privy to some very useful and often confidential information coming from all directions, such as a director wanting to recruit a sales manager to spearhead a campaign for a new product to be launched, or a disgruntled employee leaving due to lack of confidence, we have all heard “I can see the writing on the wall” I am sure.

Looking back maybe I could have been smarter with this insider track, then again when I think about I did take advantage on more than one occasion.

So all in all we humble recruiters have a unique perspective on an organisation that others may not be aware of.

The next thing I will hear is recruiters being hired to do corporate intelligence!!


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