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Top tips on recruiting accountancy staff

The accountancy sector performs a vital role for many businesses, from debt collection to ensuring the company finances are in order. Businesses across the country frequently need to advertise jobs in credit control, and by working with an agency your company can ensure it finds the top talent on offer.

Each vacancy will naturally have slightly different requirements, but for the most part each candidate needs to have the core attributes required to be successful in the accounting industry.

How to spot the best credit control candidates

In the first instance, if an applicant lacks the required level of technical skill then even with the best will in the world they are not likely to be the ideal appointment. Training takes time, and often companies are only looking for short term or temporary staff, so ideally the candidates will already be proficient in Microsoft Access, Excel or Oracle Database.

Of course, anyone working with money needs to have excellent numeracy skills, while applicants should also be able to show evidence of strong organisational ability. This will be necessary for tracking any debts owed by clients, and ensuring the correct amounts are repaid in a timely manner.

Tied in with this is excellent interpersonal ability, as the issue of debt recovery is often quite sensitive and it is important to deal with clients in the correct way. Successful candidates should be able to create a rapport with clients whilst also ensuring the company is paid all the monies owed.

As well as this, they will also need to liaise with internal departments to ensure all payments are properly processed. This is especially important in credit manager jobs, where the employee will be in charge of several people and will need to ensure that everyone is fulfilling their role correctly.

If you are looking for a credit manager, you will also need to look out for the additional qualifications needed to perform at a senior level. Recognition from the Institute of Credit Management (ICM) will show not only that they have the necessary knowledge, but also that they have been committed to the credit control sector for a number of years.

Getting help from an agency

Finding candidates through an employment agency takes a great deal of the work out of the recruitment process. An agency will already have a sizeable talent pool in place and will help you get connected with those who most closely match the requirements of your vacancy.

A good agency will enlist a dedicated recruitment consultant to help you throughout the process. Relevant candidates will be checked to ensure they are right not just for your vacancy but your organisation as a whole, and only applicants at this level will be sent to you for interview.

All that remains is for you to speak to the selection of quality potential employees and choose which one you see performing the accounting role within your business most successfully.

Of course, if you are a jobseeker looking for credit control vacancies, by enlisting here and providing a high quality CV you could find yourself getting put forward for a range of opportunities within the sector.

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