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94 per cent of consultants start their own business while working for someone else!

I have to admit this figure didn’t surprise me at all and probably neither you I would assume, as I certainly started my own business while working for a recruiter. It might not be that ethical but it does happen and is probably happening right now.

The reason I thought I would include this press release is that Terry Edwards has included a down loadable guide on “Why Most Independent Recruitment Businesses Fail” and as it was free I felt it was worth pushing!

Press release follows below:

A new survey of recruitment business owners has found that a staggering 94 per cent of them were inspired to start their own business while working for someone else.

Recruitment coaching company also discovered that these independent business owners are now scared that their staff will do to them what they did to their former bosses – by setting up in competition.

The survey revealed that while most recruitment business owners excel in recruitment, they often lack the business knowledge required to grow their brand.

In response to these findings, Terry Edwards, recruitment coaching expert and founder of drewcoaching has a written free guide aimed at independent recruitment business owners.

He said:

“I want to get the message across to these business owners that there is a way to keep their staff to stop them for becoming competitors.”

“There are some really simple steps that they can take to ensure happy, productive staff who are loyal to the business.”

“The overall message of the guide is that you can have a fully functioning business that is growing and improving all the time.”

Recruitment business owners can obtain a free copy of the guide at

He added:

“Just because someone hasn’t been taught how to run a successful business doesn’t mean that all is lost – all these business owners need is a little guidance.”

“My guide should be the first step towards gaining the business knowledge that these recruitment specialists need in order to really thrive.”

The guide, Why Most Independent Recruitment Businesses Fail and What To Do About It, offers expert business advice specifically for recruitment businesses and covers everything from goal setting right through to systems and processes.

drewcoaching is the UK’s leading business coach for recruiters and was founded by recruitment expert Terry Edwards to help committed business owners achieve the business of their dreams.

Based in Northampton, it specialises in marketing and advertising, systems and business development and reducing time at work while increasing profits and sales.

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  1. It’s not surprising at all.. i quite agree. I think it has something to do with the nature of recruitment agencies in general. It is partly that consultants don’t enjoy their jobs and therefore seek greener pastures but i think it’s also to do with the way recruitment operates as an industry and the average agencies ethics/general practice. As well as be nicer to employees agencies need to reconsider the way they operate so that consultants aren’t left saying, “I could do this better”

    Essentially, agencies create the monsters that they come against. They breed competitive sales orientated creatures instilled with poor values, values which then backfire on them.

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