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Many of us Recruitment Bloggers and myself included, have talked a lot about the benefits of having a blog as part of the marketing mix, to gain quality candidates and generally improve ones perception within the market place.

What has disappointed me is that so few have taken up this option, how many times do we need to advise recruitment consultancies this is the way forward. In the case of the UK maybe we are just too scared to let anyone know what we are up to; as commented by Mary in a recent post "Are we better recruiters than the Americans".

What has made me revisit this subject is I came across a very interesting blog from Australia called Freelanceswitch, as the name implies it is a blog for freelancers.

While I was reading through their posts, I couldn’t help feel that if they wanted to enter the recruitment industry, they would succeed, because if I was looking for a job I know I would feel comfortable using them. Why? well its obvious really their, their blog transmits an image of an experienced team who understand their market, so who better to ask for help when looking for that next career move!

As it turns out it is something they are considering, as they will be adding a jobs board to their site, but seriously if they decided to go into recruitment I would certainly be worried.

Although it is early days for them I will tip this company to do well, and I will be watching them closely here at recruitment views and maybe the odd consultancy could learn something from them.

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